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The heart of a successful business beats stronger with quality impacting training.  New ideas, reinforcement, repetition, and motivation, are all aspects of creating this success.

The core of PowerSport Solution is the highest level of training and motivation, to deliver the desired results you are looking for, which leads to higher profits, increased customer satisfaction, company well being, and much much more.  Our unique approaches stems from Behavioral Psychology theories and extensive research.

We offer offsite schools as well as inhouse training options.  We offer predesigned schools and seminars as well as custom designed programs to fit your very specific needs and goals, guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

Looking to amp up your company, event,  or association meeting?  Ready to step up the performance of your F & I, Sales or Entire Staff?  Contact us for the Ultimate Training Experience Today!


Rob has been a top performing speaker with the AIM Expo and PowerSports Business year after year.    His unique Psychology driven approach and research studies have helped many achieve dynamic results.  His entertaining, passionate, and high energy approach is sure to produce results!


Some of his powerful seminars ( generally 1.5 to 2 hours):


Upping the Game -  Taking your company to a new level through the Human Factor.  How we give our consumers what they really want!


Profit and Performance through Presentation -  Increasing Performance in ALL departments; Sales, Service, F&I, and P&A, through Customer Interaction and Presentation.  Major Presentation Skills and Techniques for ALL aspects of your business


F & I Throughout the Dealership - How the incorporation of all departments; sales, service, parts, internet, and F & I, and how they work together will increase profits, C.S.I., and customer retention as well!  Everyone on the team is part of real success!


Performance F & I Strategies for Generation Y and Beyond -Generation Y and Millenials are a different breed.  Learn How and Why with key factors, and how to sell your Finance and Insurance to the newest consumer generations so you can maximize your Profits, Performance, and Customer Satisfaction


Profit, Customer Retention and Increased CSI through  F&I – Understand how Finance & Insurance really affects your store and ways to capitalize on it!


Why are You Here? – Getting to the core of why we live and work in this great business and how we can translate that to the consumer to optimize and achieve great success!


Psychology and PowerSports – Understanding how Psychology applies to PowerSports, and capitalizing on what the customer really wants and how we can deliver through our interaction and approach.


One Finance, Two Finance, No Finance, Who Finance? – How to structure an elite Finance Department that takes care of the customer and maximizes every opportunity


There are many other great short engagements to help educate and motivate, and many more to come! Contact PowerSport Solution Today and let’s make things happen!