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Tire / Wheel / Roadside

A guaranteed win/win when presented, our Moto Rider Response program is a sure success that can cover your street riders for up to 5 years, and can be sold at point of sale, aftersale, and through service and parts!

This full featured Rider Motor Club includes Tire and Wheel Coverage that will pay replacement of all parts and labor for Road Hazard Tire and Rim Damage.

Our Programs also cover towing for virtually any situation of $100 ( most comparable programs have a $50 tow and roadside benefit ), Emergency Roadside Assistance, Fluid Delivery, Replacement Vehicles and Lodging Expenses, ambulance coverage, accident trip interruption, and much More!

An Easy sale to most any Street Rider that they will greatly benefit from, and a great quality product to up your gross on Street Units. This program complements a Factory Extended Coverage.