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seargentBoot Camp – Introduction to the core of Finance and Insurance.  This covers general product understanding, compliance and legal, basic systems, department structure, motivation, tracking and development, and much more.  Covering the path to presentations and ways to be successful will get the beginner amped up!   The attendee will learn the core of being successful in F & I as well as what it takes to do a good and legal job.  Proper Disclosure comes through Understanding!




boot-campBasic Training – This is the next step in being a successful Finance and Insurance Manager.  Here we will explore sales techniques, presentations, and proper qualifying first.  The focus here is getting quality presentation and closes through consumer interaction and conversational qualifying.  Creating a better Ownership Experience for the consumer while upping the sales and profitability of your protections and enhancements.  Our approach focuses on delivering an exceptionally high quality experience for the owner that will drive up your Customer Satisfaction and Profitability.




big-gunDemolitions – This is an advanced Finance and Insurance school that focuses on upping overall performance.  Many unique Closes and enhanced presentation skills spearhead this school.  This is for the experienced manager looking to up their game some more and reach that next level of performance.  Using visuals, and upgraded customer interaction, wrapped up with some great psychology will definitely up the game of the seasoned manager!




special-forcesSpecial Forces – This is an elite F  & I roundtable where experienced managers work together with a trainer to up their game to be the best!  Special Forces are the elite of the Military, and here your managers will hone their skills to become the true Elite of their profession.  Contact us for more info as this is a school only for top performers held on rare occasions, and enrollment is restricted through interview to attend!





Super Selling Service Contracts – This is a One day workshop focused on selling the most important item your new owner needs!  Extended Protection.  We go over enhanced presentation skills and closes.  Creating a good system to maximize profits and more!  All bundled in with some good role playing, this is guaranteed to up your VSC sales!