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Sales and General Training

Selling For Success – One day workshop that sets up the core for excelling in sales.  Technique, presentation, body language and more!  We go from qualifying to follow up and teach and motivate on the core to up selling throughout your store!


Award Winning Walkaround – This focuses on where the true value is built!  Techniques and presentation skills for all genres of machines, this hands on class helps up the ante on one of the most overlooked yet crucial part of the successful sale!


Conversational Qualifying and Sales Psychology -  This is the heart of being successful, especially in PowerSports.  Your Customer is there to buy an experience and a lifestyle, and all departments can benefit in knowing how to enhance this and do a better job.  Our Psychology driven approach helps you to help the consumer get what they really want!  We will teach you the whats and whys!  Not just the hows!  Available as a dealership wide or department specific training.


Custom Sales Experience – This is workshop designed for you and your dealership based on your needs and wants.  This will be tailored to your store based on the desired structure through ownership and management.  The goal here is to give you a high level pinpointed experience to get you to that next level with exciting motivation.  Contact us for more details!


PowerSport Solution also offers Phone Sales Workshops and trainings for all departments, contact us with your needs and let us help you up your game today!