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About Us

"Where Passion and Performance Meet"

tampa-podiumThe first word that comes to the table is PASSION!  It is what drives us, just like our customers… because that is what PowerSports is about!

The PowerSport Solution is the Ultimate source for the best in training in F & I and Sales, dealer development, and for the best programs and protections for your F & I department and store.  In 1994 this company started as a training company when F&I was new to the PowerSport Industry.

From then until today, our quality training is the backbone of our company and many successful Finance and Sales Programs.  We have propelled many a dealership to the lead in their 20 groups while creating all time highs in both profitability and customer satisfaction.   We teach our own unique approach to great success utilizing behavioral psychology and data from our own theories and then test them to stay on the leading edge in the PowerSport Industry.

Many people ask , “Why haven’t I heard of you?”.  The answer is simple.  We grow our business through referrals and direct contacts, not knocking on doors and selling you for business!   PowerSport Solution looks for positive partners who share the desire and passion we do, so we are looking for great people we see eye to eye with, and not to market to everybody!

We offer a variety of schools as well as do in house consultancy to ensure the success of your dealership and its programs. Years have been spent developing and refining our special selling systems, that were created just for the Power Sport Industry, which constantly evolve as we see trends and changes in our industry and customer. Our systems can greatly enhance your selling while keeping you in FULL legal compliance.

We have had focus panels and exit interviews with many PowerSports Customers and we will gladly share our data and knowledge with you as we help you to develop a TRUE Power Sports Finance and/or Sales Program built to serve your company and your customers.

Call us to find out about the PowerSport Solution difference and how we can take you and your dealership to the next level!  Our Training and Programs are Second to NONE!